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the Sufis, a mystical branch of islam, have a long tradition of using music as a way of connecting with the divine. marouane hajji sings from the heart, songs that often speak of being intoxicated by divine love

this is a crystal Bordeaux wine glass that highlights the unique characteristics of the wines of Bordeaux. Bordeaux can be a little bit concentrated and intense, so you need a glass with a big bowl and wide rim. Bordeaux wines are ruby red and medium in colour intensity. they have deep aromas, such as red bell pepper or a touch of ripe fruit, such as strawberry, and they have spicy notes like clove and earthy notes such as mushroom. Château Le Pin is my favorite because it was one of the big names that you studied in school from books but it seemed impossible at that time to get the opportunity to taste it. then, i was working as a sommelier in patagonia, in a hotel in the mountains, one of my guests turned out to be a winemaker. when they told me they made wine in bordeaux, i asked, "really? where? what's the name of your wine?" when they said Le Pin, i started to cry. i couldn't believe that moment. fiona and jacques, the owners, invited me to their winery and i did a harvest with them. i tasted Le Pin from the barrel. it was more than i could ever have expected - an amazing experience 

russian ballet differs from western ballet by a more pronounced expressiveness. in the west it's all about technique and they take the excitement out of the performance. at the bolshoi it's also about plastique, conveying emotions to the audience. it's about the "bravura". the secret of us staying on top is that we still have this soul. it can be seen very clearly in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. even through a recording you can feel the energy that the dancers transmitted. when you watch them you forget about feet, fingers, head - you just revel in it. i think it's important to move forward but it's a pity that some of our soul is being forgotten

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