this movie is so tactile. everything from the tea in the microwave, to the platform slippers and the giant plastic ring. the flowers everywhere, and the praying people. the bathroom scene with the dripping water and myriad of candles and that flapping of doves wings. everybody's hair, everybody's nails, everybody's clothes. the body jewlery. the makeup. even the music somehow.
and portia de rossi never looked better

funkier than a mosquito's tweeter

julia nobis by samuel hodge, styling stevie dance, for russh


nowhere, hub of the 90s

they all have names like polly and egg and dingbat and lucifer.
they are played by people like christina applegate and rose mcgowan, claire from beverly hills 90210, rochelle from the craft,  heather graham, ryan phillippe, shannon doherty, denise richards, mena suvari, traci lords, debi mazaar, scott caan, sharon cherski from my so-called life, dana from step by step and logan from baywatch.
they have blue hair, red sunglasses, bare midriffs, platforms shoes and kitten t-shirts. they do x and make love and have existential crises, and there is a giant lizard from out of space
all to a soundtrack of blur, radiohead, elastica, chemical brothers, hole, lush, chuck d, cocteau twins and sonic youth.
I think it's safe to say that gregg araki's Nowhere from 1997 is as 90s as they come