if you come my way that is...

...between now and then, i will offer you
a fist full of rock cress fresh from the bank
the valley tips of garlic red with dew
cooler than shallots, a breath you can swank

in the village when you come. at noon-day
i will offer you a choice bowl of cawl
served with a "lover's" spoon and a chopped spray
of leeks or savory fact. not used now,
in the old way you'll understand.

then i'll do the lights, fill the lamp with oil,
get coal from the shed, water from the well;
pluck and draw pigeon, with crop of green foil
this your good supper from the lime-tree fell.

a sit by the hearth with blue flames rising,
no talk. just a stare at "Time" gathering
healed thoughts, pool insight, like swan sailing
peace and sound around the home, offering

you a night's rest and my day's energy.
you must come start this pilgrimage
can you come? send an ode or elegy
in the old way and raise our heritage.

- lynette roberts

ai and cedric bihr, fashion designer and photographer, via freundevonfreunden.com

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