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"Russian time" has been a substance to be moulded by the extraordinary novelists, composers, choreographers and poets whose work was created in st petersburg's shadow. when I visited st petersburg for the first time, I was overwhelmed. everywhere I looked were traces of its history, its literature. it was astonishing that a city like this could find itself in a predicament of suspended time after such a crowded past; from making history to being caught in it. this quality is present in the work of russian poets, which reflects the verse of those who have gone before. we hear Pushkin in Akhmatova, Akhmatova in Brodsky - not borrowed or copied, but digested, the resulting poems are multilayered. (about Marina Tsvetaeva) "it was only after her return to the soviet union that she came to know in the soviet sense, that feeling of dependence on something elusive and terrible, something whose tentacles penetrate everything around you and attempt to enter your soul."

...I could have been the first poet of my time, I know that,
because I have everything, everything necessary but I do not
love this time, I do not recognise it as my own.
...for I was born
outside time. To no purpose and in vain
Do you fight! Time, you're Caliph for an hour:
I pass you by.     - Marina Tsvetaeva

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