favourite carrie-moments

i love the way carrie wears pants. that bump on the outside of her hip/thigh area, so good. pants-goals

great sweater/tank combination

i love this. she is so cool with him. i like the carrie that has male friends, i wish they had had more of her on the show

that phone, that red bag, that hair, that hotdog

sheer, cropped pants!!

 carrie is great at finding tops that have narrow neck,- and armholes. so flattering!

 great hair

 i love the way carrie gets dressed in this scene. so haphazardly

 these pants! cropped, diagonally, with a fringe!

 great hair, great sweater

this has so much going on. pants again, cropped and narrow, awesome. and a rare occasion of carrie wearing sneakers! which for me, being a complete sneaker-fiend, is an amazing moment. the thrown-togetherness of the coat that's slipping off her shoulders, the scarf, the hair, the weird oversized clutchbag (clutch and sneakers!) and then Big, in black and navy, gripping her shoulder

sylvia plath once described torture as being extravagant. the way carrie spils her drink in this scene feels extravagant in the same sort of way as that

 i mean, the colors alone..

i love everything about this look. the dress, the very 90's carrie makeup with the silvery eyeshadow and the applecheek-blush, and the hair! i hate that she takes it down when she leaves to flirt with justin theroux

i love this

baby-carrie face

there is something so chic about this. the muted colours, the loose fit of everything, the flowering trees. i wanna say okashi-sensibility. okashi-carrie

those tight dresses that carrie wears in a way that combines pant-bump with narrow armholes 

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